Bruder Consulting AB - Privacy Policy

Bruder Consulting AB has recently updated the Privacy Policy of the company to clarify how we protect personal data according to the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our updated policy provides information about:
• The information that we collect
• How we will use this information, why we store it and why we keep it
• How our customers and suppliers can request their information to be updated, corrected or deleted

Bruder Consulting has currently no employees, but documents with personal data about the owners and board members are on the company's computers for contact with the Swedish tax authorities and Bolagsverket (Swedish companies registration office).


Bruder Consulting AB collects contact information on customers and suppliers that we are constantly in contact with. These contact details do not contain any names or other information about individuals.

The collected information is used for customer billing and payment of supplier invoices and is not disclosed to other companies.

The information is stored in our bookkeeping program Visma Eeconomics, which requires a password when logging in. Customer information is stored for a maximum of three years after the last billing date (i.e., currently from 2016) after which they will be removed.

Mass E-mailing about our market activities and offers to customers will no longer appear.

The company's e-mail program (Outlook) does not contain any contact information.
Historical documents with agreements etc. are saved while normal daily communication is deleted continuously.

There are no personal data on Bruder Consulting AB's websites and apps.