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Many technical books about plastics are too theoretical and difficult to read. When our plans to write a book began, it was to offer something completely different. The book should be practical and easy to read. The goal was to offer a book that can be used both at secondary school and university levels, in training activities in the industry and for self-study. This has been achieved by including more than 600 colour images on the 357 pages (2nd edition). The book also includes a number of computer-based tools that can be downloaded. See below! The book is very comprehensive, as can be seen in the table of contents in the demo version, and is probably the most versatile plastics handbook ever made. The book is now available both in English, German, Spanish, Swedish and Chinese.

See what is new in the 2nd edition of the English version. Click here!

You can also see a pdf-demo of the table of content + the first page of each chapter! Click here: Chapter 1 - 30 first pages


You can buy the English, German and Spanish book by Carl Hanser Verlag/Publications:
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In chapter 19, 26 and 28 of the book  three Excel spreads have been used. One of them is the “Part cost calculator”, shown to the left. Here, you can  download these files: Click here!